Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald have reunited for another legendary Borderland album to mark the special 25-year anniversary of Tresor.

The duo released together as Borderland for the first time 2013 with the infamous “Electric Garden,” and since then have been touring together presenting their live set to festivals including Detroit’s Movement. Now, for the commemorative anniversary the duo returns with Transport as they continue to be an eternal symbol of the growth of Tresor as a label and a club attributable to Detroit’s heavy influence on the Berlin institution.

Transport to be out April 24. This time the LP will precede with an EP Riod on March 11, with snippets streamable below.

EP tracklist: (Digital / 12″)
‘Riod’ [March 11]
01. Riod (Original Mix)
02. Riod (Version)

LP tracklist: (CD / 2LP):
‘Transport’ [April 24]
01. Transport
02. Lightyears
03. Odyssey
04. Riod
05. Merkur
06. 2600
07. Zeolites