Juan Atkins and Orlando Voorn have a new album on the way as Frequency vs Atkins.

The duo’s first collaboration as Frequency vs Atkins—titled “Industrial Metal / Kiss The Sky Remix,” released on Lower East Side Records—happened in 1992. It was, according to the duo, “a sign that these two close friends, and future heavyweight titans of techno, would keep the distinguished alien sound alive for decades to come.”

Now the duo offers Mind Merge, a “beautiful quintessence of Detroit electro, funk, and techno, partially blending with contemporary electronic contaminations,” according to the label.

Voorn delivers a short version of the aforementioned refreshed Frequency vs Atkins project: “Out-ER is one of the very few labels nowadays to unite the old school and contemporary electronic music. I’m really happy that me and Juan are feeling that precious harmony of making music together again. It’s an album holding past and recent emotions.”


A1 / 1. Beyond The Beyond
A2 / 2. Entourage
B1 / 3. Pure Soul
B2 / 4. Mind Merge
C1 / 5. Revolve
C2 / 6. Spacewalkers
D1 / 7. Back To The Future
D2 / 8. Shape Shifting
Digital Bonus 1. Reloaded
Digital Bonus 2. ACE

‘Mind Merge’ is scheduled for March 29 release, with “Back To The Future” streamable in full below.