Following on the heels of two other events in the past week involving bizarre violence and musical artists, Juan Maclean of DFA Records reportedly jumped off the stage at an Atlanta gig on Friday to punch a drunken heckler.

A thread on the DFA message board entitled “Juan kicks at least one ass in Atlanta” confirmed this. Juan himself responded on the thread in saying the offender jumped on stage and began banging a microphone stand into the table the decks were on, then proceeded to laugh when Juan yelled at him. “I don’t know what to say except that he fucked with the wrong person,” the post continues. “I walked up to him and short story is I, as was said, ‘beat him down.'”

The thread’s advice of the day was stated explicitly. “Don’t fuck with the Juan Maclean.”

In other DFA news, Black Dice heads overseas this month, and LCD Soundsystem released their specially commissioned work out track for Nike titled “45:33” yesterday on iTunes. Hopefully that time in the gym can help our friend Juan blow some steam off before his next gig.