It’s official. The Juan MacLean has reached DJ virtuoso status. The DFA artist and crafter of robotic dance music hasn’t come close to releasing a new single, let alone a full album, since 2005’s Less Than Human. Yet, over the past two years, promoters have been flying him from city to city so the kids can get a taste of his desirable disco collection.

This time around, MacLean is playing some pretty weird bills, sharing the booth with everyone from Dan Deacon to Matty Safer to Juiceboxxx. Juan’s also slated for a live set (with a band!) in August. Could this be the sign of a new album? We hope so.

06/14 New York, NY: Hiro Ballroom
06/15 San Francisco, CA: RX Gallery
06/16 Los Angeles, CA: Echoplex
06/22 Toronto, ON: The Drake
06/23 Ciudad Juárez, MX: The Hard Pop
06/29 Chicago, IL: Smart Bar