Juju & Jordash will return to Dekmantel for their fourth LP, titled Sis-boom-bah.

Juju & Jordash are an integral part of the Dutch label’s history, dating back to 2009 when they were the first act to release on the imprint with a self-titled LP. They’ve since put out two other albums on the label: 2012’s Techno Primitivism and 2014’s Clean-Cut.

Following on from this previous LP Clean-Cut, Sis-boom-bah is an album steeped in studio traditionalism with a direction towards composition. Recorded over the space of a few weeks and built upon years of improvised live shows in front of thousands of listeners, Sis-boom-bah was written around grooves by Juju on the guitar, and Jordash on the Rhodes. It was the first album the duo had written using such an approach, and solely produced and mixed by Jordash in Amsterdam, making it their most authentic record to date.


A1. Juju & Jordash – Herkie
A2. Rah-Rah
B1. Back Tuck Basket Toss
B2. Deadman
C1. Paper Dolls
C2. Hanging Pyramid
C3. L-motion
D1. Attack The Crowd
D2. One Armed Liberty

Sis-boom-bah LP is scheduled for October 2 release, with clips streaming below.