Julia Govor will debut on Semantica with a new album.

On Laika And Ulka Were Here, Govor takes listeners on an “intergalactic journey,” we’re told.

The record invites listeners to set off on a “cosmic adventure” alongside Govor, her faithful dog, Laika, and her brave friend Ulka, as they explore galaxies in search of a new home.

As they travel from one planet to another, they cling to the hope of finding a signal that will guide them back to Earth or lead them to a new home. This EP is an exploration of themes such as companionship, resilience, and the search for a place to call home.

The inspiration behind Laika and Ulka Were Here stems from the poignant story of Laika, the first living creature to orbit the Earth. Through her music, Govor aims to raise awareness and evoke empathy for the plight of animals.

Sonically, we’re told to expect six tracks that showcase Govor’s “mastery of modern techno, cinematic harmonies, and intricate sound design.”


01. Laika Was Here
02. Cold Shadow Of Jupiter
03. Close To The Sun
04. Space Dust, Born Trust
05. Manovra Di Gravità
6. Ulka Was Here

Laika And Ulka Were Here LP is scheduled for February 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Close to the Sun” in full via the player below and pre-order here.