As the end of 2011 creeps closer with each passing day, it seems that producers and labels are all scrambling to put out one last single before the calendar flips to 2012. Add Bristol’s Julio Bashmore to the list of artists getting into the year-end action, as he’ll be releasing a new EP, Riff Wrath (artwork above), on December 19. Set to drop via the Futureboogie label, the two-song record is described as a “beautifully filmic piece of house music” that’s also a “perfect embodiment of Bashmore’s fluid modern soul and understated drive with a dusty haze of of cosmic strumming.” While that kind of fluffy language reads like pretty standard PR speak, Bashmore’s previous 2011 releases—Everyone Needs a Theme Tune, Batty Knee Dance, and “Father Father”—have been undeniably great, so it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Riff Wrath will offer similarly high-quality productions. The EP’s tracklist is below.

01 Ensnare
02 Well Wishers