Photo: Yonathan Baraki

Stateside selector Jus-Ed and longstanding German producer Move D (pictured above) have teamed up for what should be a mouth-watering four-track EP entitled The Brother’s. No official press release has been sent out and no exact release date given for the record, but as Resident Advisor reports, a Facebook post made by Jus-Ed’s own Underground Quality imprint promises that the EP is “up next” for the label. The same post includes both sides of the The Brother’s cover art, the back section of which includes a passage of text that explains the record was “four-years-plus in the making.” Ahead of its imminent release, the cover art and tracklist for the Brother’s EP has been included below.

A1. Acid Grind
B1. From Bridgeport To Heidelberg
C1. Hustler Suite
D1. It’s A Struggle