Strange things that French people like: Jerry Lewis, McDonald’s, and… ’70s album-oriented rock? Maybe that last one isn’t so surprising, but if it wasn’t a truism before, it definitely will be soon with the release of Justice‘s new LP, Audio, Video, Disco. Following on the heels of controversial single “Civilization” (which we didn’t exacly love), the new LP promises more of the same and then some. Audio, Video, Disco comes out October 25, but in the meantime, check out the complete tracklisting below. Impatient rubberneckers can get their fix via this interview Justice did with Pitchfork, which features such quotes as, “We are constantly influenced by millions of things, and it’s true that sometimes we would finish something and think it sounded very much like the Eagles.”

1 Horsepower
2 Civilization
3 Ohio
4 Canon (Primo)
5 Canon
6 On’n’on
7 Brianvision
8 Parade
9 Newlands
10 Helix
11 Audio, Video, Disco