Known for constantly evolving into chaos yet holding true to the sounds that defined their roots, Chicago-natives and house music stalwarts Justin Long and Traxx are scheduled to come together for a truly special performance at the one and only Smartbar in Chicago on Saturday April 2. Traxx, who is known for his undeniably eclectic sound, has been a key influencer and collaborator in the electronic music scene for over 20 years. Playing alongside Justin Long, a founding member of the Hugo Ball Troupe, it is safe to say the track selection and all-inclusive vibe is bound to be both brilliant and unforgettable.

Ahead of the performance, you can stream an exclusive Justin Long mix, which was recorded on the evening of February 19 at Smartbar in Chicago, below. Here are some words from Justin Long about the mix:

“This mix is an audio shard which represents a portion of the chaos within the space that transpired as the night transformed into day. A ghost with the agency to touch us from the past that hosts an unforgiving demeanor. During its conjuring, an amalgam of strictly vinyl records were fused as crowd and selector were ritualistically bound together under the forces of the sonic specter.”

For tickets ($12 advance – $13 before midnight, $17 after) and more information, visit