Juxta Position is the moniker used by well established DJ and producer Marquis Hawkes for DVS1‘s Mistress Recordings imprint. Mistress 07 – Vol. 2 will be Hawkes’ second release using his Juxta Position alias and the EP is set for digital release on December 15.

Despite having released a flurry of widely acclaimed EP’s this year on the Fabric affiliated label Houndstooth, and with another one on the way for Aus Music, Hawkes’ Juxta Position moniker allows the producer to explore a darker, more sinister techno sound without compromising the fun, disco-infused production style that people from all over have come to know and love.

Juxta Position on Mistress 07 – Vol. 2:

“I’m not really so keen on a lot of techno I hear these days, so I guess this is kind of my own interpretation of what I think techno music should sound like. It was influenced by many different things – including Richard Bartz & DJ Hell’s early work for Disko B in the mid-nineties, adventures with the Clavia Nord Modular G1 synthesizer and numerous visits to Berghain which i’m fortunate to have as a local venue to visit from time to time.”

You can pre-order the album by going here.

Listen to Juxta Position’s “Speaking In Tongues” in the video below.