Ambient artist K. Leimer will release a new album, Mitteltöner, later this month via Origin Peoples.

Leimer has been producing and releasing avant-garde and ambient music since the ’70s. Much of his work has landed on Palace of Lights, the independent experimental label he established in 1979, but he’s also shared work via RVNG, Autumn, and VOD.

This latest LP will land via Origin Peoples. The title, German for “midrange,” refers to the idea that the album “takes its conceptual cues from the idea that the midrange contains all the core information,” the labels explains.


A1. Dunne Luft
A2. Werbemelodie
A3. Anode
A4. As Long Ago As This
A5. Entferntemusik
B1. German Defaults
B2. London Interiors
B3. Auf Einem Fahrrad
B5. Cafe Florian

Mitteltöner will land on January 22, with opener “Dunne Luft” streaming in full via the player above.