The Berlin-based !K7 imprint is responsible for releasing some of the most noteworthy dance records of 2007 thus far (namely, Joakim’s Monsters and Silly Songs and DJ Kicks: Hot Chip). Now, the cornerstone label is continuing one hell of a year with releases from pop’s remix master Ewan Pearson and improv outfit Cobblestone Jazz.

Ewan Pearson 

Pearson’s Piece Work is a two-disc collection of recent reworkings of artists’ tracks from Depeche Mode to Moby to Closer Musik. Though the production magnate just served up a very laudable mix for the Fabric Live series, Piece Work may surpass that, and become one of Pearson’s most sought-after collections to date. And given the fact that the studiophile has graced 58 records in six years, there’s little doubt that this long-player will be nothing short of stupendous.

Cobblestone Jazz

Meanwhile, Vancouver-based trio Cobbletone Jazz has already established themselves as the quintessential molders of jazz-tech, releasing singles for Wagon Repair and Ititwhatitis. The Canadian band was also recently featured on Kompakt’s monumental Total 8 compilation, and shared wax with Troy Pierce on Cybotron’s recently released Clear Remix EP. 23 Seconds marks the trio’s first CD release (vinyl is available through Wagon repair), and documents the group’s freestyle talent with a bonus disc of live material. Lord only knows what !K7 has brewing for 2008.

Piece Work is out September 24, 2007 and 23 Seconds is out October 23, 2007 on !K7.

Piece Work
1. Seelenluft Feat. Mixmaster Michael Smith “Manila (Ewan Pearson Remix)”
2. The Chemical Brothers Feat. The Flaming Lips “The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Extended Vocal)”
3. Futureshock “Pride’s Paranoia (Ewan´s Sticking Plaster Remix)”
4. Silver City “Shiver (Ewan’s Bari Girl Remix)”
5. Fields “Song For The Fields (Ewan Pearson Vocal Remix)”
6. Playgroup “Make It Happen (Ewan Pearson Remix)”
7. Freeform Five “Perspex Sex (Ewan Pearson’s Hi NRG Remix)”
8. Slam Feat. Dot Allison “Visions (Ewan Pearson Remix)”
9. Goldfrapp “Train (Ewan Pearson 6/8 Vocal)”
10. Closer Musik “One, Two, Three – No Gravity (Ewan Pearson’s 2004 Remix)”
11. Franz Ferdinand “Outsiders (Ewan Pearson Remix)”

1. Mocky “Catch A Moment In Time (Ewan Pearson’s Memory Blissed Remix)”
2. The Rapture “I Need Your Love (Ewan’s Stay In School Mix)”
3. Pet Shop Boys “Psychological (Ewan Pearson Mix)”
4. Alter Ego “Beat The Bush (Ewan Pearson’s Slow NRG Edit)”
5. Röyksopp “49 Percent (Ewan Pearson Glass Half Empty Remix)”
6. Goldfrapp “Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Parts 1 & 2)”
7. Ladytron “Evil (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit)”
8. Moby “Raining Again (Ewan Pearson Instrumental)”
9. Cortney Tidwell “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan’s Objects In Space Remix)”
10. Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Extended Remix)”

23 Seconds Tracklisting
1. Waiting Room
2. Hired Touch
3. Lime In Da Coconut
4. Slap The Back
5. PBD
6. 23 Seconds
7. Change Your Apesuit
8. Saturday Night
9. Peace Offering
10. W

1. Live at Mondo (Madrid, May 10, 2007)
2. Dump Truck
3. India in Me