Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith will release her latest solo album, Let’s Turn It Into Sound, on Ghostly.

Created over three frenzied months, Let’s Turn It Into Sound manifests as Smith’s “most ambitious, intuitive, and inviting work to date,” we’re told. Determined to pursue new sonic experiments, Smith created a new vocal processing technique and gave herself permission to pursue a pacing that felt intuitive. The result is a batch of “unexpectedly non-linear pop structures.”

The album’s title reflects Smith’s pursuit of “more intuitive and physical responses” to the complex emotions brought on by the fraught moment we live in. “The album is a puzzle,” she says. “[It] is a symbol of receiving a compound of a ton of feelings from going out into a situation, and the song titles are instructions to breaking apart the feelings and understanding them.”

The announcement is accompanied by visuals for the album’s debut single, “Is it Me or is it You?,” a vibrant treatment Smith and director Sean Hellfritsch made using a motion capture suit recording her movements in real-time.

Smith released her last solo album, The Mosaic of Transformation, in 2020, and more recently she has collaborated on an album with Emile Mosseri, titled I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon.


01. Have You Felt Lately? 
02. Locate 
03. Let it Fall 
04. Is it Me or is it You? 
05. Check Your Translation 
06. Pivot Signal 
07. Unbraid: The Merge 
08. Then the Wind Came 
09. There is Something 
10. Give to the Water 

Let’s Turn It Into Sound LP is scheduled for August 25 release. Meanwhile, can you listen to “Is it Me or is it You? in full below and pre-order here.