Kalabrese will release a new EP in April, titled Let Me Be Your Princess.

The three-track release is the Swiss artist’s first since 2017’s Bananenräuber, and his debut on Zukunft Recordings, the label arm of Zurich’s Club Zukunft. It will be the Swiss label’s seventh release, and sees the Perlon affiliate and Rumpelmusig head, real name Sacha Winkler, in a period of self-reflection. This led to “Let Me Be Your Princess,” which features the vocals of Lara Stoll, and then two later tracks. 

The label explains that it’s “full of groove, rumpel, and message.”


01: Let Me Be Your Princess 

02: Dance Yourself Clean

03: Ligestuetz Feat. Lara Stoll

Let Me Be Your Princess EP lands April 1.