Kamaal Williams has shared a new live album, recorded at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam last summer and available now on streaming platforms or for download at Bandcamp.

Live At Dekmantel LP is a largely improvised one-hour set comprised of nine tracks as the afternoon sun shone on the main stage. We can expect dramatic sonics—high octane funk that fuses the spiritual with the dancefloor—complete with the atmosphere, markings, and space that only live performance supplies. On stage with Williams are Marquinn Mason (ATL) on tenor sax, Gregory Webster Jr. (NY) on drums, and Rick Leon James (Trinidad) on bass.

The new record also comes with a music video for “3 Yourself,” which features archival footage of the 2019 Hong Kong protests.


01. Dekmantel: The Intro
02. House Music
03. 3 Yourself
04. GP Drums
05. South LDN
06. Snitches Brew (Live @ Dekmantel)
07. Quinn’s Story
08. Salaam (Live @ Dekmantel)
09. Strings ATL

Live At Dekmantel LP is available now, with “3 Yourself” streaming in full below.