Kamaal Williams has mixed the 70th instalment of the DJ-Kicks series.

The London-based multi-instrumentalist, who also goes by Henry Wu, draws on four of his own exclusive tracks, and illuminates some of his influences.

The mix is said to encompass Karriem Riggins’ Detroit beat weirdness, Peven Everett’s funk-driven Chi house, and Max Graef/Ratgrave’s German future funk. “Beats scatter, swing, break, and shuffle in a multitude of different ways, mirroring both the protagonist’s dancing keys and his lesser-known background as a drummer,” !K7, the label, explains.

Although not traditionally mixed or predictably sequenced, the set is said to have a “high level of narrative and coherence,” linking styles “like a family tree,” with branches including jazz, funk, house, UK funky, broken, Dilla-schooled beats, wild jungle-esque drum patterns, nu soul, and general spiritual goodness.

Williams’ submission follows Peggy Gou’s instalment in the series.


** = exclusive

01. Budgie “Sometimes”
02. Kamaal Williams “Snitches Brew” (live in Atlanta) **
03 Karriem Riggins “Summer Madness S.A.”
04 Lord Tusk “Space Invader” (Vocal Mix)
05. Seiji “Buggin’ Out”
06. Steve Spacek “Hey There”
07. Max Graef “Speed Metal Jesus”
08. Kaidi Tatham “Two Tens Madam”
09. Freeez “Southern Freeez”
10. Peven Everett “Stuck” (Original)
11. Hard House Banton “Sirens”
12. Diggs Duke “Cause I Love You”
13. DJ Harrison “MovingUp”
14. Ratgrave “Ein Kola Bitte!”
15. Wbeeza “He’s So Crazy”
16. Awanto 3 “Pregnant”
17. Henry Wu “117 Careplan”
18. Lone “Airglow Fires”
19. Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers “Projections”
20. City People “It’s All in the Groove”
21. Phil Asher “Peace and Love”
22. Tenderlonious “Song For My Father”
23. Yussef Kamaal “Lowrider”
24. Steven Julien “XL”(Original Mix)
25. Kamaal Williams “Shinjuku” (DJ-Kicks) **
26. Henry Wu “Wivout U” **
27. Dego “Nuts”
28. K15 “Time Humbles Us All”
29. Kamaal Williams “Strings”(ATL) **

DJ-Kicks: Kamaal Williams is out November 8, with “Wivout U” streaming below.