Kasper Bjørke will release a new album, Sprinkles, later this month.

Bjørke, from Copenhagen, Denmark, recorded Sprinkles on his laptop while spending extensive periods of time in his family’s cabin by a secluded beach, reflecting on the energy and euphoria from his countless DJ gigs over the past decades.

Across 13 tracks, the balearic vibes and dream house grooves “merge with synth choirs, guitars, and acid bass lines,” and they “intertwine playfully into a coherent sonic stream of consciousness.” We’re told that the album is “reminiscent of a utopian postcard sent from the past.” Its sound is “multi-colored” and “filled with light and warmth.”

The album is named after and Danish visual artist Luca Bjørnsten’s work “Sprinkles”, which pictures an empty, lush, and colorful landscape with a large, romantic fountain.

For more information on Bjørke, check out his Real Talk essay for XLR8R, on which he reflects on the power of ambient music in healing anxiety and distress.


01. Isola
02. Glassy
03. Baybi
04. Running
05. Kites
06. Bon Voyage
07. Biarritz
08. Palace
09. Sommervej
10. Grace
11. Mirage
12. RDVSpecial
13. Viewwws

Sprinkles LP is scheduled for July 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Baybi,” “Running,” and “Kites” in full below and pre-order here.