Techno producer and club denizen Kate Simko can now pencil in “soundtrack composer” to that promising resume of hers. The Spectral Sound artist recently scored the PBS science documentary The Atom Smashers (137 Films), a project that Ghostly International has released as of today via iTunes and other digital outlets. For this album, Simko delved deep into her past experiences as a classically trained pianist and composer, while also keeping the electronic current in full swing. Those already familiar with Simko’s fascinating body of work can expect all the stars to be aligned on this beautiful soundtrack entitled Music From the Atom Smashers, as she excavates the deepest, darkest trenches of fuzz-addled ambient worlds with scattered touches of microhouse and experimental terrain in between. A follow-up to her 2008 Spectral single, Gamelan/Margie’s Groove, this soundtrack only adds to Simko’s already breathtaking vision.

Music From The Atom Smashers
01 “Welcome To Fermilab”
02 “Control Room”
03 “Quiet Daydream (Intro)”
04 “The Creative Part”
05 “Fear Of The Unknown”
06 “Nature Surreal”
07 “God Particle”
08 “Who Needs Science”
09 “Nature Surreal (Airport Edit)”
10 “Trouble Brewing”
11 “Sociber”
12 “Random Universe”
13 “Tevatron Dream”
14 “Quiet Daydream”
15 “Random Universe (Recap)”
16 “The Creative Part (Epilogue)”