Just months after Keith Fullerton Whitman released his Generators LP via Editions Mego, the experimental musician will return with Occlusions, another full-length for the same label. Although his second album this year only contains two tracks, the record is over 35 minutes long—both tracks were recorded live in February of 2012, one at a festival in France and one in the Netherlands. According to Whitman, each recording is an entirely improvised “realization” made on modular synthesizers. The first track, “Occlusion (Rue de Bitche),” expresses what Whitman refers to as “mildly inebriated bliss,” which contrasts with his description of the second track, “Occlusion (Weteringschans),” as “arbitrarily triggered blind rage.” Four days before Occlusions is released on June 19, Whitman will be performing at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly.