Leaving Records will present the upcoming album of Kemialliset Ystävät, a long-running musical collective headed by Finnish multimedia artist Jan Anderzén. The group’s rotating contributors include virtuosic musicians, sound artists, electronic music professors, field recorders, singers, amateurs, and professionals—namely Marja Ahti, Niko-Matti Ahti, Francesco Cavaliere, Roope Eronen, Sam Hamilton, Jonna Karanka, Sami Pekkola, Petra Poutanen, Samuli Tanner, Antti Tolvi, Jaakko Tolvi, and Paul Wilson.

Their latest LP, Siipi Empii; loosely translates from Finnish to “A Wing Hesitates,” though, as Anderzén explains, “The English translation, unfortunately, loses all the music and rhyme of the Finnish title but the meaning’s still there, kind of.” The title is aiming to describe the movements of a butterfly and the weight/heat of the idea that “every single flap of the wing can cause a storm/revolution,” Anderzén continues. He has described the group’s sound as sometimes “like an orchestra flying around in a tornado.”

We’re told to expect “a wildly weird dose of electronic folk music crafted through sheer force of nature, an abstract organism guided gently by Anderzén’s deft artistic touch.”


01.Äimän tähkä
02.Ikkunan takana
03.Kuriton painovoima 03:15
04.Lahjapaperin tuolle puolen piirrän konnan kuoren
06.Hengitä sisään ulos 03:32
09.Siunaa koko maailma
10.Kukista portaan
11.Askel askel askel, raikas aamutuuli

Siipi Empi will land on April 6, with “Hengitä Sisään Ulos” streaming in full above.