In a statement released this afternoon, Toronto house duo Art Department has announced the departure of Kenny Glasgow from the band after five years, two albums and a slew of EPs and remixes. In the statement, Glasgow says: “This kind of a project is like a creative marriage and after 5 years we just feel like there’s more we need to do in other areas. Having already released a solo album, I have felt a strong need to follow that up and explore that side of my production. Art Department is in a great place and I’m not getting any younger, now is the time.”

The pair’s careers still look destined to be pretty interlinked, however. A new collaborative label is apparently in the works with the name Social Experiment, and the statement adds that the pair “will continue to do a very limited number of special appearances together throughout 2015 and have already been in talks about a potential live show as a future project.”

Glasgow is planning to release his sophomore solo LP on the pair’s No.19 Music label later this year.