Keru Not Ever—real name Justin Leduc-Frenette—will release his new album on Infinite Machine, titled The Wind Of?. 

The seven-track LP is the Montreal-based multi-disciplinary artist’s sophomore album, after 2017’s Tereza, which also appeared on Infinite Machine. We’re told that it “activates a new topology: that of the parasite,” and is composed in three distinct and interchangeable (in)acts: I. Tereza + Molloy; II. Zabriskie + Équilibre de la terreur + Xen; III. Limite I + II

It follows W3C’s Event Horizon and Tomás Urquieta’s Dueños de Nada on the Chilean label. 


01. Tereza

02. Molloy (feat. Bianca Scout) 

03. Zabriskie

04. Équilibre de la terreur

05. Xen

06. Limite I

07. Limite II

The Wind Of? is out April 26, with “Molloy” (feat. Bianca Scout) streaming in full below and pre-order here