Kevin Richard Martin, better known as The Bug, has released an album under his real name for the first time, titled Sirens.

The 12-track long-player charts the emotional rollercoaster that is the arrival of parenthood, heightened through the complex circumstances of his wife’s emergency procedures during the birth and two life threatening operations for his son. 

The release stems from a 2015 live performance at Berghain for CTM Festival. Lawrence English, a long-time fan of Martin’s, saw the performance and asked to release the work on his Room40 label. 

“For his performance, Kevin debuted a new work I’d heard very little about called Sirens,” English explains. “I remember two things distinctly about the performance. The first thing is he opened the set with a blazing passage of bass and dub sirens that instantly transported me back to those initial moments of encountering his work. The second was the feeling of absolute, crushing bass. Not before, or since, have I felt a sense of sound pressure like this.”

Martin is best known for his work at The Bug, but also works under the alias King Midas Sound alongside Roger Robinson. 


01. There Is A Problem 

02. Bad Dream 

03. After The Party 

04. Life Threatening Operation 2 

05. Alarms 

06. Too Much 

07. The Surgeon 

08. Mechanical Chatter In The I.C.U. 

09. Kangaroo Care 

10. The Deepest Fear 

11. Necrosis 

12. Loss Of Consciousness 

13. Finnaling 

14. A Bright Future 

Sirens LP is out now, with “Too Much” streaming below.