Coming September 12, Carrier is the 10-track debut LP from elusive London-based producer Sully, which will be released by Martin “Blackdown” Clark’s and Dusk’s Keysound imprint. The record follows a long string of releases spanning four years or so, and is said to be “a short-but-sweet opus that embraces house, two-step, UK funky, purple synths, and juke, with a widescreen, epic vision and Sully’s trademark emotive vistas.” In fact, the whole second half of Carrier is chock full of the tunesmith’s take on Chicago’s now infamous footwork sound, which he deftly marries with the kinds of dubstep experimentation he’s gained his reputation for pioneering. Though some of Sully’s new productions may have popped up in mixes here and there (like his podcast for FACT, for instance), “In Some Pattern” is the only one to have been officially released (Keysound 2010). You can stream a portion of the song (it’s preceded by a preview of his remix of “The Loot” by J-Treole) and check out the full tracklist for Carrier below.

1. It’s Your Love
2. 2 Hearts
3. In Some Pattern

4. Encona
5. Let You
6. Scram
7. I Know
8. Trust
9. Bonafide
10. Exit