Photo | Lindsay Mcnab

Khotin will release Finds You Well, a new album on Ghostly.

Finds You Well is the first collection of new material that Khotin, real name Dylan Khotin-Foote, from Edmonton, Canada, has put out on Ghostly. He captured the label’s attention with his self-released 2018 LP, Beautiful You, a study on melody and memory, which Ghostly pressed onto vinyl for wider circulation last year.

The album is said to be a “fluid continuation of Khotin’s blissful and melancholic songcraft.” Its 10 tracks have been selected from a bounty of demos that could have filled two records, one active and the other ambient.

Because of this, the record can be split into two near-symmetrical halves. The A-side centers on the album’s steadiest sequence of beat-centric material, before Khotin’s tone stabilizes on the B-side, balancing bucolic terrain with eerie melancholy. For much of the second half, Khotin dabbles in a dusty and slightly detuned piano sound.

The album title is pulled from the phrase I hope this email finds you well, often seen at the start of correspondence. The words can have varying levels of sincerity, depending on context and mood. Khotin started to read the line more ominously during the onset of the pandemic, and drew parallel with how this set of music winks at both possibilities, mixing a platitude’s opaque optimism with lurking uncertainty.

Ahead of the album’s release, Khotin has shared “WEM lagoon Jump,” which references local West Edmonton folklore, when a kid jumped from a shopping mall’s balcony into the main pavilion’s fountain.


01. Processing
02. Ivory Tower
03. Heavyball
04. Groove 32
05. Outside In The Light
06. Lucky Egg
07. WEM Lagoon Jump
08. Your Favourite Building
09. Shopping List
10. My Toan

Finds You Well LP is available on September 25. Meanwhile, you can stream “WEM Lagoon Jump” below and pre-order here.

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