Kid Fiction has released a new genre-bending, slow groove single, “Silence Is Golden.”

Accidentally deleting the song before it was finished forced Kid Fiction to improve on what he could remember resulting in the uplifting electro gem which oozes with groove and flow. Kid Fiction describes: “I’ve never found these types of personal songs about real people and actual events to be all that easy to write, but when you’re in the throws of high emotion sometimes the songs just write themselves.”

Finding influence from all corners, the sonic architect pulls from the darker shades and heavy electronics of the UK underground to lush melodic soundscapes, soulful pop aesthetics, and the rowdy polyrhythms of his Afro-Caribbean roots.

After two decades of musical experimentation, Kid Fiction is now releasing his first body of work with a collection of sprawling trans-genre electronic music. His debut track “Damn 3,000ft” struck a chord with many and he’s set to release a seven-track self-titled EP later in the year.

“Silence Is Golden” is out now, with a stream available below.