One of electronic music’s true Renaissance men, Eric San, aka Kid Koala, always delivers albums that capitalize on his numerous talents, bringing together his experiences as a turntablist, graphic artist, illustrator, and puppet master. San has also been heavy into conceptualizing his work since he began releasing material almost a decade ago. Your Mom’s Favorite DJ is no exception to this. While certain parts of the tracks harken back to the seminal Scratchcratchratchatch cassette, the new album does show a slightly different side of Sans and proves he’s expanded his arsenal of sounds considerably. Also not to be missed is the reference to a book about a clarinet-playing mosquito that Sans is rumored to be working on as we speak.

Your Mom’s Favorite DJ is out September 6, 2006 on Ninja Tune.


Left Side:
Start Heeeeers Koala
Stoppin Traffic
Tracks Etc.
Slew Test 1
Lunch With Pavlov
Robo-Cookie Factory
Things’ll Be Good Again
Dinner At 1.00a.m.
Party At Eric’s

Right Side:
Slew Test 2
Gimme A K!
Mosquito Vs. Waterbuffalo
Slew Test 3
Paper Route Days
Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee
The Denouement