Kid Smpl‘s DISPLAY series is dedicated to the exploration of 10-15 minute single-track pieces. So far, DISPLAY has showcased work from Kid Smpl and New York producer Eaves, with the latest release arriving courtesy of MICHAELBRAILEY.

MICHAELBRAILEY is a producer, composer, and vocalist from Exeter, UK, who has appeared on Seattle-based label Hush Hush and London imprint Nonclassical, as well as Los Angeles-based producer Kastle’s Reflections LP. Across these appearances, he’s presented a sound of delicate beauty; one built from frayed piano lines, distorted synths, and poignant vocals.

His contribution to the DISPLAY series follows in the same vein; it’s a 13-minute ride through the young producer’s warped sound that, almost like a daydream, floats in and out of scenes with assured grace.

You can stream Intimacy Negator (Feel Me) in full via the player below, with more on MICHAELBRAILEY available at his recently-launched website.