Berlin-via-Bay Area genre bender Kid606 has been teasing at his latest sound, a kind of glitch-leaning electronic shoegaze, with variousEPs and free tunes over the past handful of months, and his efforts will soon culminate in the release of a new LP for his Tigerbeat 6 label. The forthcoming 13-track album is called Lost in the Game, and is described as a “sea change” and a “revised focus” for the producer born Miguel De Pedro. Before Kid606 drops his new record on September 18, you can check out its tracklist and artwork, as well as lead single “Gimme Summer,” below.

1. Godspeed You African American Emperor
2. Gimme Summer

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3. New Boss Same as Old Boss
4. Cardamom’s Gone Soft
5. I Want to Join a Cult
6. Meeguk so Horny
7. Big Black Ketamine Jesus
8. Step Into the Light You Fucking Idiot
9. Left Hand Pathfinder
10. Night Club vs. Book Club
11. Baroque and Out of Money
12. I Need to Start a Cult
13. I’m Sick but I Ain’t Dead