Fatima Yamaha‘s Magnetron Music will release the debut album of KIKOK, the solo project of Pavel Fedoseev.

Fedoseev was born in Kudymkar, the administrative centre and town in the territory Komi-Permyak Okrug, within the federal subject Perm Krai. He lives an almost fully autonomous existence that requires him to travel 22 hours straight by train to Moscow. “Perm is a disgusting city,” Fedoseev says. “It’s dirty, boring, and rough. I’m afraid of walking outside; that’s why I sit at home and watch movies and make music.” 

Fedoseev is best known as the drummer for the band Gnoomes, but now focuses on solo material as KIKOK, a name that translates as “arm leg” in Fedoseev’s native Komi-Permian. 

The 10-track release follows KIKOK’s nine-track EP and features “fuller, more realised, and accomplished compositions” as KIKOK as a project found its own groove and identity. 

Every component of the album was moulded from playing live electronic instruments. We’re told to expect a “truly electronic project that serves as literal and fantastical escape function for Fedoseev.” 


01. Ekta I

02. Kaiya

03. Kokki

04. O Cheri Cheri

05. Abu Nem

06. Das (feat. Sasha Piankov)

07. Pu Ma

08. Rakapoz

09. Pehl

10. Ekta II

Sauna LP lands January 25, with “Kaiya” streaming exclusively below.