Fatima Yamaha‘s Magnetron Music will release the debut EP of KIKOK, the solo project of Pavel Fedoseev, drummer of the Russian “stargaze” group Gnoomes.

Fedoseev was born in Kudymkar, the administrative centre and town in the territory Komi-Permyak Okrug. He lives today a solitary existence, a 22-hour train ride away from the closest city of Moscow. His self-titled nine-track debut EP on Fatima Yamaha’s Magnetron Music acts as the vehicle to “escape the monotonous cycle of his hometown. “

Without using a single computer, each component of the EP was moulded from a live setting, with the recording taking place in the bedroom of fellow Gnoomes bandmate Alex Piankov, who also mixed the EP.


04. Kuim Pon
05. Muna
06. Nom
07. Saima
08. Shondi
09. Surtta

KIKOK EP will land on March 16, with “Lokta” streaming in full below.