Matthew Watts (a.k.a Killawatt) will release a new EP on Tommy Four Seven‘s 4747012.

47 is a regular event run by Tommy Four Seven. The 47 label showcases original tracks by past guests, both established and emerging, released on a series of solo and various artist EPs.

47012 lands after 47010, Watts’ first solo four-tracker for the label released earlier this year, and VSK‘s 47011 EP.

We’re told to expect “percussive heavy background to influence his take on modern dancefloor material with bone rattling rhythms with stirring overtones and ruptured drum patterns.”


A1. Psi
A2. Post Numer
B1. Crackerjack Cacophany
B2. Tranq’d

47012 EP is scheduled for September 21 release, with “Psi” streaming below.