Berlin-based label Killekill has announced a new compilation in celebration of reaching its 25th release, called Killekill Megahits II.

The three disc compilation features tracks from label staples Cassegrain & Tin Man, Eomac, Furfriend, and Alex Cortex, as well as welcoming a host of new acts. The first record is populated with electro acts Umwelt, Dez Williams and Bintus, whilst the second features London’s Jerome Hill and the legendary Detroit Grand Pubahs (with a new project entitled Techmarine Bottom Feeder). The final disc has cuts by techno act Kamikaze Space Programme, as well as Detroit hero Blake Baxter (fondly known as the “Prince of Techno”).

The compilation also marks the end of an era at Killekill. The imprint will split into multiple sub-labels from now on, to allow for focus on more specific sub-genres (though the Killekill brand will continue as an organization, and throwing parties).

Killekill Megahits II is out May 23, and can be pre-ordered from and Juno.


A1 / 01. Umwelt – Gravitational Lens

A2 / 02. Eomac – Angel In The Marble

B1 / 03. Dez Williams – Drakonia

B2 / 04. Bintus – Re-clocking Knob

C1 / 05. Detroit Grand Pubahs pres.Techmarine Bottom Feeder – Demon Particle Influence

C2 / 06. The Fool’s Stone – Nonversation

D1 / 07. Jerome Hill – Memory Machine

D2 / 08. Furfriend – Numb

E1 / 09. Kamikaze Space Programme – Absence

E2 / 10. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Ad Hoc

F1 / 11. Blake Baxter – Acid Warp Time Travel

F2 / 12. Alex Cortex – Tensegrity