After a six year hiatus, King Midas Sound (a.k.a. The Bug, Rodger Robinson and Kiki Hitomi) have reunited and begun its work on a new, four-part collaborative album series.

The group’s last album, Waiting For You, released on Hyperdub in 2009, was widely celebrated as a one-of-a-kind sonic conquest. The first LP of the new collaborative series, Edition 1, features Austrian electronic musician and guitarist Fennez, whose distinct ambient tone makes him an ideal participant for King Midas Sound’s latest musical endeavor.

You can check out album cut “Waves” below, along with the album tracklisting. Edition 1 is set to drop via Ninja Tune on September 18, 2015. Pre-order the album here.


1. Mysteries
2. On My Mind
3. Waves
4. Loving Or Leaving
5. Melt
6. Lighthouse
7. Above Water
8. We Walk Together
9. Our Love