Aside from serving as a leading producer and the head of the esteemed Hyperdub label, Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9, pictured above) has also dedicated much of his time to audio research, having served as a lecturer at the University of East London and authored the book Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and The Ecology of Fear in 2009. Now, alongside Toby Heys (a research fellow at Manchester University), Goodman will release Martial Hauntology, an audio research box set which “investigates the properties of newly emergent super-directional speakers when coupled with infrasonic devices.”

Said to be four years in the making, the triple-gatefold package will include a 112-page book, 180g clear vinyl record, and six 12″ x 12″ “Dead Record Archive cards” which together offer “a tortuous, hyperstitional account of frequency-based phenomenon in military and civilian spheres over the preceding 70 years.” Furthermore, the project will find Goodman and Heys operating under the name AUDiNT, which will also serve as the name of the newly launched “sonic research cell” and record label releasing the box set.

A few shots of Martial Hauntology‘s packaging have been included below, while a more in-depth description of the project can be found over on Boomkat, where the box set is now available to purchase. AUDiNT’s ambitious first project is limited to 256 copies and is “never to be re-pressed.”