For those who have ever wondered what their favorite electronic productions might smell like (because, yeah, who hasn’t?), Unsound Festival will soon be merging the worlds of scent and sound in a forthcoming art installation set to premiere at this year’s event series in New York. Called Ephemera, the project will find Berlin-based olfactory artist Geza Schoen (who is said to be known for his “groundbreaking Escentric Molecules series, as well as various avant-garde/conceptual scents”) collaborating with noisemakers Tim Hecker, Kode9 (pictured above), and Ben Frost on three special aromas. The producers will create the “raw sonic material” that will be reinterpreted by Schoen into the Noise, Drone, and Bass perfumes—with each piece of audio handled by Frost, Hecker, and Kode9, respectively. The results of the sounds and smells will be paired with visual components created by Londoner Manuel Sepulveda and Berlin’s Marcel Weber, whose work will include “video and silk-screened materials that reveal different elements as the light shifts.”

More information on the Ephemeral project can be found here, before it debuts on March 31 at Audio Visual Arts in Manhattan and exhibits during Unsound’s New York festival between April 2 and April 6.