While any electronic music head knows that Kode9 is one of the founding flag-bearers of the dubstep movement, it might come as a surprise that the DJ/producer also holds a Ph.D in Philosophy, and in 2009 saw his first tome on sonics released by the MIT Press. Goodman will present on Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear, and engage in a symposium-like conversation with audience members at San Francisco’s Gray Area Foundation for the Arts as part of Recombinant Media Labs‘ +DIALOG series. Theorist Erik Davis of TechGnosis will also take part in the event, which aims to “provide a forum to commune, collate and derive fresh context direct from the source.”

The evening with Steve Goodman and Erik Davis takes place March 26 at the GAFFTA galleries at 55 Taylor St. in San Francisco. For more information, visit the event site. Read more about Goodman’s book here.