Antique Fragments EP is the third release of our Kommuna Tapes imprint—a vinyl and tape label based in Barcelona.

According to label heads CMYK and Rubi, they are trying to build their “own Kommuna of artists who share their commitment to the vinyl medium and insatiable appetite for music discovery, guided by a certain vision of the dancefloor: deep stripped-down grooves, sometimes challenging, always with character.”

Antique Fragments is the label’s third release. The A side starts with a quirky fast-paced track created by a mysterious producer named Schematix in 1997. Thinktank, an electro/breakbeat act who signed their first and unique EP only a few years later in 2000, takes us on a punchy yet dreamy techno journey. On the flip side, after Schematix undusted his hardware to extract the stems for the occasion, wizard Sergio Moreira mastered the challenge of creating a slower and deeper version of the track, while upcoming Madrid talent Javier Moreno closes the release with a bouncy acid burner.


A1. Schematix “Salbutamol”
A2. Thinktank “Schmeik’s Loopmobile’
B1. Schematix “Salbutamol” (S. Moreira Remix)
B2. Javier Moreno” Dooclap Insight”

Antique Fragments EP is scheduled for September release with clips streamable below.