The Kommuna Tapes label has a new release on the way.

Kommuna Tapes is a limited vinyl and tape label based in Barcelona, curated by CMYK and Rubi. The Phaenomena EP is the label’s second release, following on from the Alternating Systems EP which dropped in October last year.

The first side starts with a track produced by Tom Ellis over a decade ago, before Barbir and Nicola Kazimir from Les Points drop a faster trip. On the flip side, the label introduces Zurich talent Adva with two cuts between ambient, dub and minimal.

Phaenomena EP is out today, with snippets streamable below.


A1. Tom Ellis “Vibe of a Drum”
A2. Barbir, Nicola Kazimir “Sircolin”
B1. Adva “Big Dreams”
B2. Adva “Dust”