Kompakt’s Total series has become an annual day of reckoning for the techno masses. Now in its eighth edition, Michael Mayer’s celebrated compilation always includes an all-star cast of dance mathematicians. Featuring two discs of minimal tracks from Superpitcher, Gui Boratto, The Rice Twins, and a heap of others, Total 8 is one of the most melodic and peak-time friendly collections from the label yet.

The comp will be available on triple vinyl as well as CD. As with previous comps, one disc features the best from the label’s year of releases, and the other a selection of brand-new, unreleased tracks from the usual suspects. 8 also includes a track from the forthcoming Supermayer (Superpitcher and Michael Mayer) album that is apparently the techno equivalent of The Who’s Tommy.

The compilation release coincides with the Kompakt party at the Pop Festival in Cologne, taking place from August 15-19, 2007. The party features The Field, Jennifer Cardini, Burger/Voigt, and others.

Total 8 is out August 13, 2007 on Kompakt.

Disc 1

1. Burger/Voigt “Man Lebt Nur Zweimal”
2. Jürgen Paape “We Love (Jürgen Paape / Gesang: Boy Schaufler)”
3. Superpitcher “Rainy Nights in Georgia”
4. Partial Arts “Trauermusik”
5. Rex the Dog “Everyday”
6. Thomas/Mayer “Überwiesen”
7. Jörg Burger “Polyform 1”
8. Supermayer “Two of Us (Geiger Mix)”
9. Steadycam “In the Moog for Love”
10. Nightcats “Inside”
11. The Rice Twins “Can I Say”

Disc 2
1. Hervé AK “The Closer”
2. DJ Koze “Mariposa”
3. Reinhard Voigt “Follow the DJ”
4. Jürgen Paape “Nord”
5. Echo Club “Falter”
6. Aril Brikha “Berghain”
7. Gui Boratto “Mr. Decay (Robert Babicz Disco Universe)”
8. Justus Köhncke “Pickpockets”
9. Broke “Coladancer”
10. Schaeben & Voss (feat. Schad Privat) “Cold Wind”
11. Oxia “Not Sure”