The Cologne-based techno aficionados over at Kompakt will begin celebrating 20 succesful years as a record store and label this March, and are set to roll out a slew of events and goodies to mark the occasion. While the exact details have yet to surface, Kompakt tells of plans to bring an anniversary tour through major European cities, which will come accompanied by a mobile, pop-up version of its brick-and-mortar record store. There is also talk of a documentary chronicling the rise of the company, a detailed “fanzine,” and a host of reissues being in the works. (If you’re anything like us, you’ve got your fingers crossed for some vinyl reissues of those classic Closer Musik releaes, among others). And, possibly the best news yet, the label of course still has plans to release new music throughout 2013. While there are no exact release dates, we’re told to expect new records from Justus K√∂hncke, Coma, The Field, and Gui Boratto before the year is through.