Malmö label Kontra-Musik is set to wrap up 2016 with three remix EPs, featuring work from Joey AndersonSebastian MullaertDorisburgVoices From the Lake, and more.

First up on September 12 is The Dance remixed part 1, a four-tracker that sees some impressive interpretations of material taken from The Dance, a live mix from Sebastian Mullaert (a.k.a Minilogue) and label head Ulf Eriksson that dropped last year. Two of these reworks come from Joey Anderson and Markus Suckut, while Mullaert himself serves up the remaining two as Wa Wu We.

November 14 will see the release of The Dance remixed part 2, another four-tracker that features more remixes of The Dance material; this time they come from Efdemin, Voices From The Lake (a.k.a. Donato Dozzy and Neel) and Ulwhednar (the collaborative project of Abdulla Rashim and Varg).

X – Colours, the final part of this remix series, will arrive between these two releases on October 1. The double-pack consists of six new interpretations of tracks from X, the label’s ten-year anniversary compilation that came out in March. Sebastian Mullaert, Dorisburg, Max Loderbauer, and more all feature.

More information, including tracklistings and release dates, can be found below.


The Dance remixed part 1 [Release date: September 12]

A1. Movement (Joey Anderson remix)
A2. Fusion (Wa Wu We reduction)
B1. Fusion (Markus Suckut remix)
B2. Movement (Wa Wu We strip)

X – Colours [Release date: October 17]

A. Jonsson & Alter – Brevet Hem (Sebastian Mullaert remix)
B1. Jason Fine – Workin’ it Out (Porn Sword Tobacco Conga Wok)
B2. Mokira – Axis Audio (Echospace Model II)
C1. TM404 – 303_303_303_606_606 (Dorisburg Remix)
C2. Mokira – Manipulation Musik (Sa Pa Final Descent)
D. Tyler Friedman – Wallouian (Max Loderbauer Remix)

The Dance remixed part 2 [Release date: November 14]

A1. Movement (Efdemin remix)
A2. Fusion (Wa Wu We remix)
B1. Fusion (Voices From the Lake Tropical Thunders Mix)
B2. Fusion (Ulwhednar remix)