Hailed as the sequel to Dr. Octagon, project from rapper Kool Keith, the “follow-up” to that album was released on June 25, news that came as a surprise to the man who supposedly produced it.

Naturally, he didn’t produce it, and the release is more the work of little-known OCD International label, created by country label CMH. Using old vocal recordings of Keith’s, the label got three guys based in Spain to delve into their Pro Tools and turn said Kool Keith material into a “follow-up” to the original Dr. Octagon. Several positive reviews and lots of hype later, the act is being called the worst hoax in music so far this year.

It’s obviously a tricky story that juggles numerous details and conflicting arguments. While Keith is quoted as saying he never made the record, CMH claims they had a right to remix the songs. World’s Fair’s website implies Keith was on board for The Return Of Dr. Octagon. Producer Fanatik J is grumbling that he and Keith worked together on a similar album a few years ago.

Make what you can of it all, but perhaps what’s more important than who said what is the fact that a label can hire a PR company and three no-name producers to make an album sell, and papers like the LA Times and the UK Guardian never even stop to question it. Clever marketing or lazy journalism? You decide, just think twice the next time a label is found touting someone’s long-awaited follow-up.