For the past seven years Kornél Kovács has been DJing worldwide as one third of Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus alongside Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist. The label and DJ trio is spearheading a new era of fearless Swedish off-centre dance music.

Anticipation for Kovács’ debut album has been growing following recent releases like 2014’s “Szikra,” last year’s “Pantalón” on Glasgow’s Numbers imprint, and then “Space Jam” on Smallville Records.

On The Bells, Kovács pops open his trunk full of sounds nicked from the lost and found bins of nightclubs all over the world. The record was completed in an intense two-week session with Kovács’ great friend and great studio engineer Matt Karmil in the cold winter of 2016.

Another close friend, artist Malin Gabriella Nordin, has created the album artwork together with her brother Jonas. The girl on the front cover is Kornél’s sister Dora.

Prompted directly by Kovács to give his report on the record, Studio Barnhus label boss Axel Boman had the following to say:

“Kornél’s bells will echo far beyond the nervous and trend sensitive ”dance” genre that our label sometimes is associated with, and into pop history. It’s one of our best, most innovative and creative releases to date, and the fact that one of my best friends has managed to do this on the label we share together makes me so proud that I want to cry. The Bells is the reason I dreamed of starting a label in the first place.”


A1. Szikra Intro
A2. BB
A3. Dollar Club
B1. Gex
B2. Josey’s Tune
B3. Dance… While The Record Spins
C1. Szív Utca
C2. The Bells
D1. Pop
D2. Urszusz

Kornél Kovács releases The Bells on Studio Barnhus on August 26, 2016. The album can be pre-ordered here on LP or CD.

Ahead of the release, “BB” can be streamed in full below.