Kornél Kovács’ second album will land via Studio Barnhus next month, titled Stockholm Marathon.

Work on the album started in September 2018, right after he moved back to this old flat in Stockholm. “It was a pretty weird time for me and I found myself reflecting a lot on this beautiful, boring city I never quite manage to move away from, on past relationships, experiences… just real life shit you know,” he explains. So he began experimenting with the combination of two well-tested ways of feeling better: making music and spending time with friends. Out of this came the album. 

Kovács credits friends Niclas Skagstedt, a jazz musician, Matt Karmil, Rebecca Scheja, and Fiona FitzPatrick (better known as Rebecca & Fiona) for collaborating with him on the album, marking a change of tack given that music making has traditionally been a solitary pursuit. “My previous album, The Bells, was largely the result of sitting alone in dark rooms for years,” he explains. “Funny thing that while Stockholm Marathon is more of a collaborative effort than anything I’ve done before, it also feels to me like the most personal music I’ve released so far.” 

The album artwork is by another friend, Stockholm artist Malin Gabriella Nordin.


 01. Purple Skies

 02. Marathon

 03. Szombat

 04. Atlas Nights

 05. Rocks

 06. Ducks

 07. Club Notes

 08. Baltzar

Stockholm Marathon LP lands on April 26, with “Rocks” below.