Brooklyn’s jack of all trades producer/drummer/vocalist Kotchy has released a video for “Sometimes I Get Down,” the lead-off track from his forthcoming album, Two. For most of the video, directed by Jared Mezzocchi, Kotchy sings directly into the camera while an array of images (including more shots of himself) and patterns are projected and overlayed on top of his face. The track, “Sometimes I Get Down,” is all over the map, combining some underground hip-hop-style samples, Bibio-esque guitar, and modern R&B drums into a glitchy-futuristic-ADD-pop song. If Kotchy can fluidly jump through this many styles on one track then who’s to say what an entire album will encompass? We’ll have to wait until February of next year to find out when Two comes out on Done Right Records. Check the video and tracklist below.

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Kotchy – Sometimes I Get Down from Kotchy on Vimeo.

1. Sometimes I Get Down
2. Getaway
3. Good Luck
4. I Left New York
5. Helicopter
6. Coffee Breath Kisses
7. Anywhere
8. Don’t Go
9. Work It Out
10. What Have I Done With My Life
11. Coin Collectors
12. Bandwagon
13. New Addiction
14. Care Free
15. We Don’t Need A Crowd