Four-man laptop powerhouse The Glitch Mob has been performing recent shows with only three members onstage, and that’s a setup that, according to the group, is likely to stick, as member Matthew “Kraddy” Kratz has announced his departure. A recent posting on the group’s site had this to say:

“Due to creative differences, we have decided, as a group, to part ways. We believe that this will be a positive change for everyone involved and we continue to support Kraddy as both a friend and a musician.”

Kratz confirmed the above information, simply saying, “The Glitch Mob and I decided it would be best to part ways,” and also added, “I will continue performing and producing as Kraddy and I will have some new tunes for you soon.”

From left: Kraddy, Ooah, edIT, and Boreta. Photo by Rennie Solis.