Killekill‘s Krake Festival has shared details of the first wave of acts that will be descending on several clubs across Berlin late this July.

The annual event is now approaching its sixth edition, and will celebrate with a host of Killekill affiliated artists and beyond. Electro-heads can look forward to performances by The Exaltics, Dez Williams and DJ Glow. There will be DJ sets by the creator of “digital hardcore,” Alec Empire (a.k.a Atari Teenage Empire), as well as live performances by Raster-Noton‘s Kyoka, Fallbeil, Anno Stamm & TransformaSyl Kougaï, and Codex Empire.

Krake has also revealed the location of those events. The program includes one event at Urban Spree, as well as a weekend that kicks off at Suicide Circus, before moving to Griessmühle for the Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on the full first wave announcement, head to the Krake site. You can buy early bird tickets for the event here.