Kranky has unveiled Allegiance and Conviction, a new album from Windy & Carl, out March 27.

Allegiance and Conviction is the Dearborn, Michigan ambient duo’s first album since 2012’s We Will Always Be. Written and recorded across six years, the songs swirl between shoegaze minimalism and stargaze drift, over which Windy [Weber] whispers veiled poetic narratives of transformation, isolation, and escape.

The release is said to be “something of outlier” in the Windy & Carl’s catalog in that they songs are shorter than on most on their previous releases.

All of the tracks are saturated with Carl Hultgren’s signature guitar work, intimate constructions of murmurs, drones, and his trademark layered filigree, gently amassed into alternately lighter and heavier than air atmospheres.


01. The Stranger
02. Recon
03. Moth To The Flame
04. Alone
05. Will I See The Dawn
06. Crossing Over

Allegiance and Conviction LP is out March 27. Meanwhile, you can stream “Crossing Over” in full below, and pre-order the album here.